Magical night in New York as Cusco announces 2023 Inti Raymi festival

16:23 | New York (U.S.), May. 24.

Colors, music, dances, and Inca Pachacuteq's imposing presence took over the United Palace Theater in New York, United States, as part of a ceremony to announce to the world the staging of the 2023 Inti Raymi, or Festival of the Sun, to be held at the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park in Cusco, Peru.

Speeches were delivered by authorities such as Cusco Mayor Luis Pantoja Calvo and Municipal Company for Celebrations and Promotion of Cusco (Emufec) Board Chair Rosendo Baca.

Ancestral dances, featuring enthusiastic choreography and music to the rhythm of quenas (Andean flutes), brought smiles of emotion and admiration to the attendees after they witnessed the majestic presence of the highest ruler of Tahuantinsuyo, played by Robert Paucara Churana, along with the Coya (Inca's main wife), who was portrayed by Karen Gonzales Saldivar.

As in Andean rituals that are still preserved, the Inca told his priests to read the sacred coca leaves. 

"The Inca wants to know the truth and what the coca leaves say," his entourage said referring to the upcoming Cusco festivities.

An offering was prepared using a bunch of coca leaves and food produced in Cusco region in order to entrust themselves to the Pachamama, or Mother Earth.

"Mother Earth, help us fight the darkness we live in," they said in Quechua, probably referring to the health and political crises that the South American country experienced.

The rite of fire took place, despite limitations. "Willka mosoq nina (new fire)," the Inca said after invoking to illuminate the destiny of Cusco.

The celebration was topped off with the Huallata dance. Huallata is a typical bird of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The event was concluded with the ritual of the Chicha de Jora, a drink made using white and yellow corn produced in the valleys of Cusco. 

La Coya highlighted the ancestral drink, which was made with the waters of the Willcamayu River, currently known as Vilcanota River.

"Listen to me people of the world. The sun looks at each one of us with joy, and today, from this great city (New York), we want to announce that the great Festival of the Sun will be held on June 24 in the great city of Cusco," the son of the sun, the Inca, said in Quechua.


Publicado: 24/5/2023