International IDEA urges Congress to seek agreements on advancement of elections



19:42 | Lima, Jan. 23.

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) strongly lamented the death of 60 people as a result of the social mobilizations that have been taking place in Peru for more than a month.

In light of this, International IDEA expressed concern about the acute crisis and urged political forces in Congress to seek agreements that will result in prompt decisions on the advancement of elections and the minimum political reforms that are part of citizens' claims.

In this regard, the institute stated that announcing the date for elections will help ease the tension and facilitate dialogue.

Likewise, the intergovernmental organization urged the Executive Branch to take measures to ensure the rule of law and the full validity of human rights, as well as to promote a climate of tolerance and respect among all Peruvians.

The agency said that it is essential to reduce polarization, combat discriminatory and hate speech, as well as promote an environment that allows a broad-based dialogue.

International IDEA stressed that dialogue is important not only to resolve immediate tensions, but also to create conditions for a peaceful electoral process to elect authorities that adequately represent all citizens in their diversity.


Publicado: 23/1/2023