Google highlights Peru's elections featuring doodle

Photo: Google

Photo: Google

16:29 | Lima, Apr. 11.

Peruvian citizens are going to the polls today, within the framework of the 2021 general elections, and Google decided to highlight the electoral process in times of pandemic displaying the doodle on its popular search engine.

The doodle features an amphora with the Peruvian flag in the center of the design, replacing one of the letters from the internet giant's name.

These animations are disseminated in the search engine as a direct access to thematic searches in accordance with ephemeris or outstanding events such as the general elections, in which one president, two vice-presidents, 130 Congress members, and Andean Parliamentarians will be elected by over 25 million citizens.

By clicking on the doodle, each user will have access to information from the search Elecciones Generales en Peru 2021 (2021 General Elections in Peru).

Immediately, an alternative logo to this doodle is presented, which also includes an amphora with the Peruvian flag and a light blue sky background.

The 2021 general elections doodle can only be seen when entering the search engine from Peruvian territory, or through an account configured with Peru as country of origin.

In recent weeks, Google has also promoted a campaign in the South American country to respect biosafety measures to face COVID-19, such as wearing a double face mask, which is a recommendation of the Ministry of Health, too.


Publicado: 11/4/2021