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Fin Ministry: Peru can lead region's growth in 2023 and coming years

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM)

14:00 | Lima, Jan. 26.

Economy and Finance Minister Alex Contreras on Thursday affirmed that Peru has the potential to lead economic growth in Latin America both in 2023 and in the coming years, due to its economic resources and macroeconomic strengths.

"We have the opportunity to lead growth in Latin America not only in 2023, but in the coming years. Peru has copper and lithium, is the leader in terms of agricultural exports, and promotes the naval industry. All this progress is made despite the social context," he said in statements to Radio Exitosa.

The government official explained that there is potential to continue growing in a sustained manner despite the social conflict, as many companies, including mining companies, are willing to continue investing in the country.

"Copper is the metal of the future in the coming years, and Peru is the second largest producer in the world. In this sense, macroeconomic strength is an important element for the economic recovery that we are promoting," he noted.

Con Punche Peru Plan

Moreover, the minister highlighted the launch of the Con Punche Peru Plan, whose implementation is already making important progress less than a month after its creation.

"We are reporting significant progress on the plan, which is witnessing the fastest implementation in recent history. January 29 will mark one month since it was launched. Besides, more than 50% of the measures have already been approved, and the entire set of measures aimed at pushing family economies are 100% approved," he remarked.

In this sense, Contreras underscored that resources for community kitchens are being guaranteed, by providing subsidies to social programs and backing the massive use of natural gas.

"We continue to make progress in implementing other strategies. National Government's public investment has been growing, and we expect that the Con Punche Peru Plan will be 100% completed in the following days. The current context requires not only quick decisions, but also effective actions, and that is what the ministry is working on," he underlined.


Publicado: 26/1/2023