Fin Min prepares new growth engines for Peruvian economy

11:37 | Lima, Sep. 20.

Deputy Economy Minister Michel Canta asserted the Peruvian Government has identified three potential sectors to diversify the country's growth engines such as forestry, tourism, and aquaculture.

"We are promoting improvement in efficiency and productive diversification," he said Thursday at the opening of the XII International Microfinance Congress, staged under the slogan "Business Management and Innovation for Inclusion" and organized by Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (FEPCMAC). 

Held in Ica, the congress concludes on Friday, September 20, highlighting the problems and the trend in the microfinance sector both in Peru and all over the world. 

Canta explained that the Government is interested in solving bottlenecks that limit investment and affect development, so the plan is to bring public and private actors together to explore the barriers and available opportunities.

According to the government official, the aim is to improve intergovernmental coordination, optimize the regulation and interoperability, align the interventions and regulatory framework with the sector's reality, as well as promote transparency and continuous accompaniment.


Interventions worth US$300 million will be implemented in the forestry sector.

Canta mentioned his portfolio's efforts to strengthen and support regional and institutional governments, the Agency for Supervision of Forest Resources and Wildlife (Osinfor), the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor), and the Technological Innovation Center (CITE).


The tourism sector attempts to improve air connectivity by opening new domestic and international routes.


"As for this sector, we will explore the entry into new markets like China, Australia, and Brazil," the deputy minister pointed out.


Publicado: 20/9/2019

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