FA Ministry: Japan lowers Peru travel alert rating to minimum

08:29 | Lima, May. 25.

Japanese authorities have reduced to the minimum level the alert for travelling to Peru —a measure that will contribute to the reactivation of Japanese tourism flows to the South American country.

This report was highlighted by Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry via its official Twitter account on Wednesday evening.

In fact, the Peruvian government agency posted a link to the Japanese Foreign Ministry's website that had disseminated said information.

According to the Japanese website, some southern Peruvian regions registered level of danger 2 (Please do not travel non-essentially) due to the protests that took place in Peru between December 2022 and January 2023.

However, given the lifting of the state of emergency by Peruvian authorities in those regions, the Japanese Government has lowered the level of danger for its citizens to 1 (Please, be careful).

Similarly, the website states that Peru's border areas, such as the regions adjacent to Colombia and Brazil (Mariscal Ramon Castilla County in Loreto region), as well as to Ecuador (Amazonas region) remain at level 2.

In this sense, the Japanese authorities recommend that their fellow citizens pay attention to the latest information from the Foreign Ministry and avoid getting "involved in unforeseen circumstances or unnecessary trouble."


Publicado: 25/5/2023