FA Min expects consensus on Peru's candidacy for OAS Secretary General

13:01 | Lima, Dec. 2.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra on Monday said he expects the region will achieve consensus on the candidacy of Ambassador Hugo de Zela for the position of Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), noting his high qualifications.

After recalling that the region is witnessing a period of high polarization, the cabinet member noted that Peru has a dialogue-oriented, constructive, and principles-based foreign policy, and that is one of the reasons why this candidacy was put forward.

"We have a candidate with high qualifications. He is probably the diplomat who knows best the OAS. He has spent 15 of his 40 years as diplomat working on OAS issues," he told RPP TV and radio station.

Under such premise, the minister contemplated an opportunity for the first Peruvian national to become Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS).

As he remarked, the minister will travel to Bogota (Colombia) for a meeting with foreign affairs ministers of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR).

Once there, he will highlight the achievements of Hugo de Zela, as well as Peru as a country that promotes dialogue and understanding in a context of regional polarization.

"That is Peru's calling card, which is very important," Ambassador Meza-Cuadra expressed.


Publicado: 2/12/2019

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