El Peruano marks 197th anniversary

Photo:Renato Pajuelo/ANDINA

Photo:Renato Pajuelo/ANDINA

09:00 | Lima, Oct. 22.

The Official Gazette El Peruano marks today its 197th anniversary bringing official and accurate information to its readers.

As is known, it was founded on October 22, 1825 —by South American Liberator Simon Bolivar— as El Peruano Independiente and ran until May 6, 1826. 

It should be noted its 19 original issues can be found at Yale University's Library

Afterwards, on May 13, 1826, the gazette changed its name to El Peruano.

It originally emerged as a newspaper aimed at spreading notices and public administration-related documents.

As time passed by, its pages started to share public interest information regarding political, legal, financial, sports, cultural, and international frames, among others.

The Official Gazette El Peruano is the oldest press publication in Latin America, and its editorial line has resulted in the dissemination of quality, real-life information (printed and online), especially about remarkable facts occurring in Peru.

Apart from the news section, it prints the Official Bulletin and Legal Regulations.

El Peruano is part of the State-run company Editora Peru, which also owns Andina News Agency and Segraf. It is led by Editor-in-Chief Felix Paz.


Publicado: 22/10/2022