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Defense Min: Government works as a team for whatever Peru needs

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

11:46 | Lima, May. 12.

Peruvian Defense Minister Jose Luis Gavidia on Thursday indicated that the Government has been working as a team to solve the country's problems, adding that the Cabinet is solid as a fist.

"We are like a fist, all of us working as a team until the moment the president decides otherwise. We are working every day, and we will do so from the trench that the country chooses," he said outside the Government Palace in Lima.

Likewise, the high-ranking official called on Congress of the Republic to work as a team for the sake of Peru.

"Authorities need to rise to the occasion," Gavidia noted.

"I call on Congress again to work (with us) as a team. The country needs its authorities to solve urgent problems; we are experiencing one of the worst crises in the history of our country and the world," he added.

Zamir Villaverde

Concerning the statements by businessman Zamir Villaverde, the minister pointed out that they are out of place, adding that the National Election Board (JNE) has already issued a communication in this regard.

"He will have to present the proof of what he is saying; otherwise, his situation will get substantially complicated. Yesterday, the JNE chairman stated that they are already requesting the Public Ministry to ask this gentleman for proof of what he is saying," Gavidia warned.

In addition, the minister said the complaint should have been made before a prosecutor instead of the Legislative Branch.

"These are quite strange statements; he is using the Legislative Branch tribune to make this type of complaint; I think he should have done it before a prosecutor or judge. Undoubtedly, these are issues in which justice will have to demand proof of what this gentleman claims," he pointed out.


Publicado: 12/5/2022