Almost 90-year-old woman beats covid-19 in Peru

12:02 | Lima, May. 22.

Julia Sanchez can proudly say that she is a true symbol of resistance. She will soon turn 90 years old and has managed to defeat covid-19 at Dos de Mayo National Hospital after 26 days of struggle —an event that fills her family and the medical staff with happiness and pride, respectively.

This sweet lady —born in Ayacucho— is currently in stable condition, remembers each of her 7 children, and affirms that her diet —consisting of meat, eggs, milk, potatoes, corn, quinoa, and beans— is the secret of her longevity and strength.


"She is very active and cannot stand still at home. She may be sweeping, cooking or planning to visit her children," her 60-year-old daughter Saturnina commented.
Unfortunately, that energy caused her to contract the virus in a market.

"Since I do not live with her, I always tell her not to leave home, but she wanted to buy chicken and vegetables by herself, and got infected. Thank God and all the doctors at the hospital, we have got through this difficult time," Saturnina expressed.

She mentioned that her mother will turn 90 years old in July, receiving the affection from her husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandson.
Dr. Carlos Cueva, deputy director at Dos de Mayo Hospital, informed that Sanchez was admitted on April 24 and was hospitalized in the San Andres ward from April 29 to May 20.

"The patient spent 26 days in the hospital battling the disease with the support of the medical staff. She was given broad-spectrum antibiotics, oxygen, anticoagulants, and blood pressure medications. Besides, she was hospitalized for a long time, compared to the average length of stay, but emerged victorious," he added.


Publicado: 22/5/2020

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