51.2% of beneficiary population received Yanapay Peru grant

14:13 | Lima, Nov. 30.

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) on Tuesday reported that 51.2% of the population expected to benefit from Yanapay Peru managed to collect the individual subsidy of S/350 (about US$87.5) granted by the Government to citizens in poverty and extreme poverty.

That is a total of 6,890,820 Peruvians.

Midis explained that the group of citizens —who were included in the digital wallet modality (594,922 people)— registered a collection progress of 93.9%.

Likewise, it was detailed that a total of 1,407,358 citizens have managed to receive the grant through their ID-card accounts, which represents an advance of 69.9%.

Furthermore, in the modality of securities transport company or "paying cars" —as recipients reside in communities lacking access to financial entities— an advance of 63.1% was registered.

It should be noted that the payment of economic support continues to move forward in a timely and secure manner.

Starting December 2, the payment of grants to Group 4 will begin. The latter is made up of more than 3,600,000 Peruvians who do not hold bank accounts or cell phone lines under their names. 

In this sense, Midis reminds the population that beneficiaries will be able to collect the subsidy in accordance with the last digit of their ID card and the schedule published on the official website. Thus, it calls on beneficiaries not to arrive at Banco de la Nacion (Bank of Nation) branches without having previously verified the corresponding payment date.

For more information, Yanapay Peru beneficiaries should visit the official website or call the free line 101 of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion Mondays thru Sundays (including holidays) from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Publicado: 30/11/2021