Yacht used by Ernest Hemingway is restored in Peru

14:49 | Lima, Aug. 04 (ANDINA).

The yacht famed American novelist Ernest Hemingway used off Peru’s northern coast has been restored in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation.
Hemingway used the Miss Texas to fish off Peru’s Cabo Blanco beach in 1956, catching a 700-pound (317-kilo) marlin with just rod and reel, according to Peruvian eco-luxury hotel organization Inkaterra, which was in charge of the restoration project.

“(The boat) is a symbol of the crusade for the recovery of the sea,” an Inkaterra spokesman told Efe, reported.

The newly restored yacht used by the author of The old man and the sea was unveiled Friday at the inauguration of a conference aimed at protecting natural resources and promoting sustainable development in Peru’s northern region.

“When Hemingway came to Peru, he used that yacht. For Cabo Blanco, this boat is a symbol of that whole period when it was considered the top sport fishing location."

The Nobel literature laureate traveled for a few weeks to Cabo Blanco along with a film team that was making a movie version of his acclaimed novella “The Old Man and the Sea,” although the footage taken there was never used.

The Miss Texas has another claim to fame as the boat in which American businessman Alfred Glassell Jr. set a world record 60 years ago by catching a 707-kilo (1,560-pound) black marlin.

The 42-foot yacht, which was restored over a period of four months, could return to Cabo Blanco for possible use for sport fishing or boating tours later this year.

“The boat was in very good condition ... it’s just that it had been modernized. Now, using old photos, it’s been restored to its original version, exactly as Hemingway found it,” the spokesman said.


Published: 8/4/2013
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