U.S. sees Peru as key partner in fight against drug trafficking

erradicación de la coca

erradicación de la coca

10:29 | Washington D.C., Jan. 13.

After meeting with Peru’s Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Avril Haines described Ollanta Humala’s government as key partner in the fight against drug trafficking.

Held at the White House within the framework of Cateriano’s working visit to that country, the meeting saw the presence of Peruvian Ambassador to Washington Luis Miguel Castilla, too.

This gathering covered a range of topics including the shared benefits of the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement; increased cooperation in fields of education, science, technology and innovation and; promotion of U.S. investment in Peru.

It also addressed the upcoming visit of a U.S. pharmaceutical companies’ mission to Peru, cooperation in areas of security and defense and, fight against illegal drug trade.

As for the antidrug policy adopted by President Humala, Haines said the Peruvian government is a key partner of the United States due to its firm and continuous commitment, which led to high eradication rates of illegal coca leaf crops and surpassed targets for last years.

Moreover, she said the United States respects the sovereignty of Peru to develop more adequate methods to such shared end.


Published: 1/13/2016