The Revolution And The Land: Peru's most-watched documentary ever

18:52 | Lima, Oct. 25.

La Revolucion y La Tierra (The Revolution And The Land) on October 24 broke the historical record set for a Peruvian documentary.

According to director Gonzalo Benavente Secco, his film on the Agrarian Reform reached the figure of 38,400 in its second week playing in selected theaters. 

The number is higher compared with other Peruvian documentaries such as: Blanquiazul (37,128) and Sigo Siendo (30,685).

In a conversation with Benavente Secco, he noted his film has returned to the northern city of Chiclayo thanks to the audience's interest, which insistently knocked on the distributors' doors.

He went on to add that anecdotes have also occurred: For instance, in the southern Andean city of Cusco, tickets for the 2:00 pm screenings managed to sell out —a time of the day usually deemed as difficult by the distributors.

"People ask for the movie," he told Andina news agency. 

Furthermore, the director mentioned that the documentary is still screened at 14 theaters in its third week.

The artist hopes that —by the end of the year— the film can start touring the international festivals.

Technical Specifications

La Revolucion y la Tierra (The Revolution And The Land)
Director: Gonzalo Benavente Secco.
Running time: 110 minutes.
The film utilized a lot of archival material. The scenes were shot in different places like Huando Estate, Talara, La Convencion, and Martin Chambi Photography Studio. In addition, the documentary received an honorable mention from the jury for the Best Peruvian Film at 2019 Lima Film Festival.


Published: 10/25/2019
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