Smartphone penetration in Peru reaches 17 percent

09:51 | Lima, Nov. 17 (ANDINA).

Smartphone penetration in urban areas of Peru has risen three percentage points from 14 percent to 17 percent in one year, a recent study shows.

Meanwhile, mobile phone penetration has increased from 75 percent to 76 percent in the period, according to the latest market study by Ipsos Peru.

The research highlighted three profiles of smartphone users: those who make calls only, those who prefer to use text messages and those who mostly use mobile data, reported.

The study also found that 58 percent of Peru's urban population accesses the internet from their mobile phones.

Of these, 21 percent use their mobile internet connection to access the Facebook and Twitter services.

The report also indicates that Whatsapp is the most popular IM service in Peru. Nearly 70 percent of Peru's population lives in urban areas.


Published: 11/17/2013