Reliefs of man, bird discovered in Peru

15:07 | Lima, Oct. 27 (ANDINA).

A professor at Japan's Kobe City University of Foreign Studies has discovered reliefs depicting a man and a bird of prey dating back to about 3,000 years ago at the remains of a temple in northern Peru.

Koichiro Shibata, an associate professor who specializes in Andean archaeology, made the find during an excavation conducted from August to September at the Huaca Partida ruins in the north-west of Lima.

The relief is believed to be 3 meters high and 2 meters wide, reports Japanese newspaper The Yomiuri Shimbun.

Reliefs in ancient Andean ruins are often found in large temples and believed to have religious significance. Few survive, as they are made of clay and are highly vulnerable to the weather.

However, the temple is relatively well preserved, as it was covered with stones when another temple was built on top of it in a later age.

“[Part of the reliefs] clearly show their positions and combinations, which help us understand the worldview that ancient Andeans belived in,” said Shibata.


Published: 10/27/2013
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