Peruvian youngsters to build underwater robot at U.S. Science Camp

13:49 | Lima, Jul. 6.

Seven Peruvians students will participate in the Science and Innovation Summer Camp —organized by the Institute of the Americas— to be held at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) on July 14-28.

Said group of teenagers will be able to live this new experience thanks to scholarships granted by the U.S Embassy in Lima.

Beneficiaries were selected among the outstanding participants at the National Science and Technology School Fair —Eureka, organized by Peru's State-run National Council for Science and Technological Innovation (Concytec).

Scholarships recipients are: Aylin Lizarraga Mamani, Clever Clavijo Perez, Diana Benites Dominguez, Maria de los Angeles Quiñonez Rojas, Sebastian Vargas Velasco, Shirley Mamani Loza, and Yussahara Rapre Arteaga. 

During these two weeks, pupils will receive classroom and field instruction from UCSD and other regional college educators.

Such lessons will help them understand environmental issues, test scientific principles inside the laboratory, and learn more about engineering.

Likewise, youngsters will design and build an underwater robot, which will enable them to improve their robotic and coding skills.

The camp will also help students shape and build their innovative skills as they work in teams to develop creative scientific projects that will be assessed by instructors during the camp's final session.


Published: 7/6/2018
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