Peruvian haute couture designs showcased at Coterie trade show in New York

Alpaca Moda

Alpaca Moda

00:00 | New York (U.S.), Mar. 8.

A delegation of private and public sectors representatives took part at Coterie trade show —the premier global event that connects women's apparel, accessories, and footwear designers with the international 'who's who' of retailers— to display Peruvian haute couture designs in New York.

Held on February 26-28, the show featured the talent of Peruvian designers Ana Maria Guiulfo, Claudia Bertolero, Meche Correa, Sitka Semsch and Titi Guiulfo, as well as brands like Equilibreum, Anntarah, Kero Design, Escudo and that of Jorge Luis Salinas —all grouped under the Alliance of Peruvian Fashion Designers.

Together they brought surprising proposals full of inventiveness and creativity in their collections.

The garments stood out for the quality of raw materials —first-rate alpaca and cotton— and manufacturing. 

Fairgoers appreciated the Peruvian product and recognized its capacity to meet the highest standards the market demands.

"The textile industry is key for our country since it involves a broad productive chain and is much more than the final garment," said Isabella Falco, head of Communications and Country Image at Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru).

"The clothing industry's development encompasses raw materials, manufacturing, and design, and our country is able to offer these products and services to international markets. On this occasion, Coterie allowed us to show the talent of our designers," she added.

Coterie provides a platform to promote sector brands like 'Alpaca del Peru' (Peru's Alpaca) and 'Peru Textiles'.

"We want people to feel they are buying a quality product every time they see these brand names on a garment," Falco said.

At present, the textile sector accounts for 2.7% of Peru's non-traditional exports, and its market shows plenty of room for growth thanks to quality products and services the country has to offer.


Published: 3/8/2018