Peruvian exports total US$29.1 billion in Jan-Jul 2021

15:54 | Lima, Sep. 5.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Roberto Sanchez on Sunday reported that Peruvian exports totaled US$29.165 billion between January and July this year, the highest amount ever recorded in such period.

According to the government official, the good performance of national exports was due to higher international prices and a sustained recovery of national production, thanks to the efforts of Peruvian producers, entrepreneurs, and exporters.

"We will continue to strengthen the work of Peruvians who make this possible, as well as the favorable environment for our exports," the minister pointed out.

"In this sense, we will support agricultural producers, as well as micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) —which represent the largest number of exporting firms in the country— by providing them with additional tools to develop their exportable supply with added value and further easing the shipment of their products. Their success is Peru's success," he added.

The increase in exports during the first seven-month period of 2021 was reflected in the positive result of traditional and non-traditional shipments, which grew 46.9% (US$20.541 billion) and 39.4% (US$8.624 billion), respectively.

This information was contained in the Monthly Trade Report-July 2021 prepared by the General Directorate of Research and Studies on Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

Most dynamic sectors

All sectors of the economy saw an increase in their sales between January and July this year. The most dynamic were jewelry (up 348% to US$55 million), metallurgy (up 116% to US$658 million), traditional and non-traditional fishing (up 83% to US$2.575 billion), as well as textile-apparel (up 82% to US$877 million).

The latter (the textile-apparel sector) was mainly driven by higher exports of wool and fine hair (up 104% to US$121 million), as well as cotton (up 79% to US$528 million).


Published: 9/5/2021
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