Peruvian designers unveil new creations in Uruguay

14:44 | Montevideo (Uruguay), Dec. 5.

Peruvian designers Carolina Arzubiaga, Jimena Pinto, Camila Basurco, and Marieta Mantero presented in Montevideo four individual collections of garments intended for modern Latin American women.

"The contemporary Latina woman is modern, powerful, and hardworking (...) she stands out," Arzubiaga told EFE.

Her offering in Montevideo consisted of tops and accessories inspired by the cuts and forms of the 1990s.

Citing Marilyn Monroe as a touchstone, Pinto told EFE she found ideas in "the colors, flowers, and shadows of watercolors."

On Monday, Pinto showcased a collection that she defined as "fun, cheerful, and sexy at the same time," aimed at the 18-25 age group.

Basurco said that her collection reflected an attempt to fuse the things she saw during a trip to Morocco with the culture of her native Peru.

After living seven years in Italy, Basurco says that —unlike European women— Latin American women favor colorful clothing "and like to attract a little attention."

Mantero, for her part, opted for solid colors with her bikini line.

The designer said that she hit on the "simple and basic" design after seeing that her friends were unable to find those styles in Peru and had to buy them abroad.

The fashion show was organized by the Peruvian Embassy in Uruguay.

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Published: 12/5/2018
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