Peruvian Culture Ministry organizes international language rights roundtable

Mesa redonda internacional sobre derechos lingüísticos

16:46 | Lima, Nov. 11.

Peru's Culture Ministry hosted the "Experiences in social language policies: Mexican and Paraguayan cases" roundtable, where both countries' experiences in State-policy implementation regarding rights and indigenous languages were shared.

The event was held on Tuesday at the Ministry headquarters headed by Intercultural Citizenship Director-General Lucia Solis Alcedo.

Presentations were in charge of Mexico National Indigenous Languages Institute Deputy Director-General Fabricio Gaxiola Moraila and Paraguay Language Policies Secretary Ladislaa Alcaraz de Silvero.

Over the previous decade, Mexico has made progress in this field thanks to efforts undertaken by the National Indigenous Languages Institute.

Paraguay has seen the most successful language promotion case by advancing in Guarani positioning.

The event was aimed at providing a space for dialogue and language policies deepening in order to pave the way for the creation of the National Policy for Indigenous Languages, Oral Tradition, and Interculturality, Law N°29735, which regulates use, preservation, development, recovery and promotion of Peruvian original tongues. 


Published: 11/11/2015