Peruvian cereal bar made of insects wins international award

17:23 | Thessaloniki (Greece), Sep. 11.

"Demolitor" —a fortified cereal bar made of mealworms, organic cacao, kiwicha, bee honey and tarwi, created by Peruvian business venture "Ento Piruw"— was named the best nutritional proposal during a world competition held in Greece.

The Peruvian initiative won the Up Nutrition Award at this year's Future Agro Challenge, the largest business venture contest in the food value chain around the world, which took place in the Greek city of Thessaloniki.

Demolitor contains two times more iron than red meat, is highly effective in the fight against anemia and —according to its creators— will revolutionize the food industry.

Ento Piruw proposes a nutritional, eco-sustainable diet through insect-based products for human consumption —such as Tenebrio Molitor (mealworms)— approved by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Demolitor can help high performance athletes increase the levels of iron in their body in only two weeks. 

Likewise, Ento Piruw has developed organic snacks and chocotejas (chocolate-covered caramels), both with larvae. 

This team is made up of brothers Eduardo and Rayza Lama, as well as Renzo Cateriano. Their aim is to introduce Peru to the farming of insects for direct and indirect human consumption, a sustainable practice that is the trend in other countries around the world.

Ento Piruw has been recognized for its research and innovation at the national and international levels. 

It has received business support from Bioincuba —a business incubator program at Lima-based Cayetano Heredia University— which currently manages 80 projects specializing in life, health, agricultural, and environmental sciences.

Additionally, it has been the winner of the 2017 Bio Challenge Award, a contest promoted by Innovate Peru of the Ministry of Production


Published: 9/11/2019