Peruvian badminton players win gold medal

16:41 | Algiers (Argelia), Oct. 28.

Peruvian badminton players Daniela Macias and Danica Nishimura claimed gold in the Women's Doubles Category at Algeria International 2019.

In the quarterfinals, the duo beat the hosting country's athletes Romaissa Benahoua and Laima Safsef (21-1; 21-1).

Afterwards, in the semifinals, they defeated Daksha Gautam and Pranali Karani from India (21-8; 21-11).

In the decisive final match, the pair won against Egypt's Doha Hany and Hadia Hosny (21-13; 21-10).

Bronze medal

Likewise, Macias obtained the bronze medal in the Women's Singles category at the same event. 

Thus, the Inca country's representatives continue gaining points to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Their next destination is Germany. 


Published: 10/28/2019
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