Peru's Tapia: 'Future national soccer team's captain'

Renato Tapia Foto: FPF

08:30 | Zurich (Switzerland), Mar. 8.

Peru's national soccer team midfielder Renato Tapia was interviewed by FIFA and explained how the aforementioned nickname was given to him.

According to the article, Tapia said that coach Ricardo Gareca —once — publicly affirmed the 22-year-old "has leadership qualities. He's a lad who speaks up and even the older players listen to him."

For this reason, teammate Luis Advincula came up with the idea of naming him the "Future Captain."

Nevertheless, Tapia believes that "the captain's armband deservedly belongs to Paolo Guerrero."

In this sense, the player added that if he —one day— is asked to fill such role, he will —hopefully— do it well. 

The athlete also noted the Inca squad "has more than one leader, which is a good thing given what lies ahead."

2018 World Cup

FIFA's article continues by stating the 2018 World Cup is what lies ahead for Peruvians —a sporting event which they had not seen since 1982.

In this regard, the also Feyenoord Rotterdam midfielder pointed out "some people still cannot believe that we're going to Russia."

Finally, Tapia said he had neither thought about joining the national team so quickly, nor had he imagined they would qualify for a World Cup.     

"Sure, I dreamed about it, but making that dream a reality seemed a long way off," he concluded. 


Published: 3/8/2018