Peru's President: We have to rethink decentralization

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

12:30 | Lima, Nov. 26.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Thursday affirmed that rethinking decentralization is a first step to start generating a consensus that allows the nation to face the limitations and difficulties it has.

"If we can do something from the Central Government in the coming months, it is to find out how to lay the foundations for a process of amendments and strengthening of the decentralization process that allows a country, so diverse and different in its demands and conditions, to be governed well," he expressed.

During the closing of the XIII Annual Conference of Urban and Rural Municipalities, the Head of State highlighted the importance of relying on mayors' support for this task.

"We face a complex issue that has to do with fiscal decentralization; that is an agenda topic to be thought about clearly, logically, reasonably, as well as with a sense of equity and justice," he emphasized.

As the top official mentioned, the taxation process centralizes some resources and concepts —such as canon and others— that have faced difficulties. Therefore, there are regions that do not have access to those benefits.

Given this, a mechanism is required in order to have a fairer distribution of the resources generated by the country's enormous natural wealth, he concluded.

The XIII Annual Conference of Urban and Rural Municipalities brings together more than 70 mayors, as well as the Network of Urban and Rural Municipalities of Peru. The event aims to collect and implement actions in favor of citizens.


Published: 11/26/2020
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