Peru's organic food exports to grow 13% in 2014



11:49 | Lima, Mar. 26.

Exports of organic products from Peru are projected to total US$30 million this year, up 13% from 2013, according to Peru’s export and tourism agency PromPeru.
Arturo Zevallos, who works for the Export Promotion Department at PromPeru, said the Peruvian exports of organic products grew 5% to US$ 236.5 million in 2013.

Peru's major organic exports, including banana, coffee, cocoa, mango, quinoa and maca, account for 83.9% of total shipments.

Last year, coffee was the only product to post a decrease in exports (-23%) due to the outbreak of leaf rust, a plant-eating fungus that has also affected crops in several Latin America countries.

In this regard, Zevallos said he was optimistic that coffee exports will have a better performance this year due to a recovery in the sector.

Likewise, he said that the demand for cocoa beans is increasing in Europe, and that banana prices could rise due to  a virus problem in Asia. 

Zevallos also said that the strong demand for quinoa have led to a rise in its price but not in its export volumes.

Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation. It also has certifications that prove their natural quality to the international market. 


Published: 3/26/2014
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