Peru's Huanqui sets new Guinness World Record for magic cubes

11:20 | Lima, Jul. 6.

Peru's Guinness World Record holder, Juan Pablo Huanqui, made a new record by solving 1,000 Megaminx puzzles —similar to the Rubik's Cube— in only 24 hours.

The speedcubing challenge started on June 29 and ended the next day.

Huanqui, 17, is the current world champion in Megaminx —one of the most difficult puzzles in the globe and the modern version of the traditional six-sided Rubik's magic cube.

On this occasion, the Peruvian decided to take up the "Most Megaminx Puzzles solved in 24 Hours" challenge.

To recognize this achievement, the Guinness World Records set a minimum number of 1,000 puzzles, to be solved in 24 hours.

Huanqui surprised everyone with a world record time of 21 hrs 54 min, without a break.

This encouraged him to continue and break his own record by solving 1,109 puzzles. 

Besides appealing to his skills, the young man had to brave Lima's cold and the pain caused by the physical and mental pressure.

Attended by about 1,500 people —who supported him even at late hours— the outdoor activity took place at Lima's Parque de la Exposicion (Exhibition Park) as part of the third "Peru Nationals 2018" speedcubing tournament.


Published: 7/6/2018