Peru's high-school student wins space science and technology contest in China

Sebastián Cueva Foto: Mindef

Sebastián Cueva Foto: Mindef

17:25 | Lima, Jul. 21.

Peruvian Sebastian Cueva Obando claimed first place at APSCO Youth Space Contest 2017 held in Beijing, China.

Cueva, 16, is one of the five Peruvian high-school students that entered the space science and technology competition hosted by Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO). 

His work "Amazing life chances in Mars" won the contest, which was free form, including but not limited to video, painting, handcraft, model, essay, etc.

With the theme "Future Space Homeland," the initiative gave participants an unlimited space to use their imagination for future space homeland and relevant design.

The Peruvian's proposal was an English language video, which stood out along with that of his Pakistani peer, with whom he shared the first place.

Cueva's video explores scientific ideas and innovations suggesting the possibility of future migration of humans to other planets.

For instance, he contemplates the use of devices that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen or the use of radiation-resistant clothes, so that life in Mars becomes a reality.

Other Peruvian participants included Patricia Paredes Peralta, Cristina Colchado Diaz, Miguel Antonio Anselmi and Angel Agurto Agurto.   

The contest was open to 15-19-year-old high school students from APSCO member states.

Participants included 40 students from eight nations: China, Turkey, Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Thailand and Peru.

In Peru, National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA) backed the initiative gathering 32 students from across the country at an early stage.

In the end, only five students were chosen as finalists.

In general, APSCO sponsored 5 participants who entered the final for each member state. They received an all-expense-paid trip.


Published: 7/21/2017
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