Peru's fishing industry likely to expand 40% this year

LIMA,PERÚ-ENERO 10.Ministro Bruno Giuffra,inspecciona primer desembarque de pesca de Atún capturado en mar peruano en Frontera con Chile.Foto:ANDINA/Héctor Vinces.

14:48 | Lima, Feb. 16.

National Fisheries Society (SNP) President Elena Conterno Martinelli said Peru's fishing industry is expected to grow 40%, underpinned by greater catches of anchovy, in line with Central Reserve Bank estimates.

She said extractive activities have returned to normal and, therefore, a good year is expected to come up.

"Our forecast is in line with Central Reserve Bank and experts' projections that suggest fisheries will grow between 30% and 40% this year, mainly due to anchovy fishing, since conditions have returned to normal," she was quoted as saying by Andina news agency.

Likewise, she said the fisheries society is confident that two good fishing seasons are coming up, and this will result in further jobs and exports.

"We caught 500,000 tons of anchovy, the most heavily exploited fish in Peru, during the past season, so we got off on the right foot this year," she underlined.


Conterno went on to say Mackerel is expected to return to Peruvian waters as weather conditions improve. This species has been absent for the past seasons.  

Climate Change

According to experts, fishing activities in Peru should be monitored in order to conduct research and, therefore, obtain better conclusions and prevent negative consequences. 

"The amount of mackerel was substantial last year, and there was plenty of bonito the year before; that's the interesting part of fisheries: we always have to be vigilant, because large amounts of a species come up all of a sudden, and we have to take advantage of that and set conditions to catch them, so that this results in greater production," she added.


Published: 2/16/2017