Peru's FA Min: We need a strengthened OAS supported by effective multilateral leadership

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

00:24 | Lima, Oct. 22.

Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Lopez stressed that "our nations need a strengthened Organization of American States (OAS) which plays an effective multilateral leadership, transcends crises, and allows us to overcome polarities."

During his participation in the 50th General Assembly of the OAS, Ambassador Lopez on Wednesday supported the Inter-American Human Rights System, as a foundation that stands by citizens offering them protection in case their rights have been violated.

Within this framework, the government official called for the renewal of the regional alliance to firmly combat corruption.

"True to its commitment to the Inter-American Democratic Charter, Peru continues undertaking diplomatic efforts to contribute to the recovery of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela, in order to put an end to usurpation and lay the foundations for a peaceful solution, led by Venezuelans themselves, to the multidimensional crisis that affects them," he expressed.

The 50th edition of the General Assembly was held virtually on October 20-21, within the framework of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next year, the OAS meeting will be held in Guatemala.


Published: 10/22/2020
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