Peru's exports to U.S. grew by 20% in Jan-October 2013

Textile and apparel industry in Peru. Photo: ANDINA/ Alberto Orbegoso

Textile and apparel industry in Peru. Photo: ANDINA/ Alberto Orbegoso

15:01 | Lima, Dec.15 (ANDINA).

Peruvian exports to the United States amounted to US$ 6 billion between January and October 2013, achieving a 20% increase over the same period of 2012, Peru's Exporters Association (Adex) reported Sunday.
The  entity noted this growth is driven mainly by traditional shipments which increased 35.7 percent in the first ten months of the year while traditional agricultural sub-sector exports decreased by 30.7 percent due to lower shipments of coffee.

Non-traditional exports decreased slightly by 1.5 percent despite the good performance of the agricultural sub-sector which increased by 10.2 percent, followed by the apparel sector which grew 2.2 percent.

Steel and metallurgy exports rose by 9.9 percent followed by fishing shipments with a 19.3 increase.

The most exported products to the United States included gold with a 77.3 percent , gasoline with 12 percent, crude oil  with 32.6 percent, raw silver  with 463.7 percent, and fresh asparagus with a 21.5 percent growth.

The country's major exports are copper (19 percent of total shipments) and gold (17 percent). Others include: gasoline (5 percent of total exports), lead ore (4 percent) and textiles (3 percent). Main export partners are United States (16 percent of total exports), China (14 percent), Chile (5 percent) and Canada (4.8 percent).


Published: 12/15/2013
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