Peru: Wood, coffee and cacao prioritized in Ucayali region's Strategic Exports Plan

14:30 | Pucallpa (Ucayali region), Aug. 10.

10 products have been prioritized in Ucayali region's newest export plan (PERX Ucayali), Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Rogers Valencia has reported.

Said document was delivered to Governor Manuel Gambini, within the framework of Expo Amazonica 2018. The fair is currently underway in rainforest Pucallpa City

"Products such as wood and its derivatives, cacao, coffee, aji (Peruvian chili pepper), sacha inchi (Inca peanut), camu camu, and paiche fish, among others, have the opportunity to succeed in foreign markets," Minister Valencia expressed. 

"From that point on, we will make the corresponding arrangements with the public, private, and academic sectors, at national and regional levels, with the purpose of boosting exports development in Ucayali," he added. 

These products are included in four production-export chains (forestry, cacao and coffee, agroindustry, and aquaculture sectors) identified in the plan development process, and will be promoted to internationalize businesses from this Amazonian area. 

PERX Ucayali identified three gaps in exports competitiveness —in the region— related to production and business management skills, connectivity infrastructure for product mobilization, as well as exports and business activity development services. 

"In order to overcome exports competitiveness gaps, the participation of regional public, private, and academic sectors is essential which, in coordination with Mincetur, will follow up on the implementation of PERX's proposed actions," the official stated. 

The PERX Ucayali update is the outcome of a process developed by the region's private, public, and academic sectors, along with the methodological support from Mincetur. 

Ucayali exports reached US$20.8 million in 2017. 


Published: 8/10/2018