Peru will soon rely on 2,000 ICU beds to fight COVID-19

14:01 | Lima, Jun. 30.

Peru will have 2,000 Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds over the next two weeks, thus fulfilling the commitment assumed by the Government, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Tuesday.

This will be possible thanks to the donation of 250 mechanical ventilators by the United States and the purchase of 400 from China. The latter arrived in the South American country today.

Within this framework, the Head of State specified that Lima will receive 283 mechanical ventilators, as it is the region that registers 70% of active COVID-19 cases.

The top official added that among other regions, which will receive those devices, are Arequipa (31 units) and Piura (20 units).

Health Minister

For his part, Health Minister Victor Zamora reported that 4,654 beds have been added in the last four weeks for COVID-19 patients in the country, of which 232 are for ICU care. The aim is to have 20,000 hospital and 2,000 ICU beds to treat coronavirus cases.

Addressing the Congress COVID-19 Commission, Zamora explained that —in the first 100 days since the pandemic started— the number of hospital beds has increased from 835 to 14,275, while the number of ICU beds went from 276 to 1,327.

Additionally, he noted that the Government has acquired 38 oxygen plants, 47 tons, and 1,210 centralizers of this medicinal product.

"We currently have a humanitarian air bridge to San Martin (region), where we send cylinders from (the cities of) Iquitos, Pucallpa, Yurimaguas, Lima, and Chiclayo," he stated.

Furthermore, with regard to native communities, a response plan worth S/88,240,754 (around US$25,054,160) has been approved for the benefit of 10 regions and indigenous peoples.


Published: 6/30/2020
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