Peru: VP requests authorities to reject corruption, focus on children's wellbeing

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

14:00 | Vinchos (Ayacucho region), Sep. 17.

The Vice-President of the Republic Dina Boluarte on Friday called on regional and local authorities to work in a coordinated manner against child malnutrition.

Within this framework, the also Development-Social Inclusion minister asked them to "say no to corruption" so as not to divert resources that should be allocated in favor of children.

"We have to remove this negative and dire situation from our efforts towards the development of our society. All those amounts that used to be (stolen) by corruption must be geared towards our children," Boluarte expressed.

Likewise, the Executive Branch representative stressed that the Government is committed to working against child malnutrition, along with other State-run entities focused on this issue.

The high-ranking official also said the Executive Branch is increasing the resources allocated to assist children.

"We want children to come to their schools with all their skills, their abilities to become citizens who can serve their country (…)," Boluarte remarked.

"The commitment of President Pedro Castillo and of this Government is to work in a coordinated manner with regional and local governments, with other institutions and ministries, so that we can —in one heart and embraced— bet that our children leave those steps of malnutrition behind, that sad story," she concluded.

Remarks were made during the ceremony to commemorate the 16th anniversary of Juntos social program held in the Ayacucho district of Vinchos. 


Published: 9/17/2021
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