Peru voted world's best birdwatching destination in China

13:00 | Shanghai (China), Nov. 26.

Peru has joined the list of winners at Infinite Discovery Awards 2018, thus becoming the best birdwatching destination in the globe, the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) informed Monday.

The ceremony took place at the Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Shanghai, and the 12 awardees were announced by Jonathan Scott, an important wildlife photographer based in Kenya and host of BBC's Big Cat —a documentary series following the lives of felines in their natural habitat.

The judges included world's top travel experts, National Geographic Magazine famed photographers, and wildlife conservation experts.

Infinite Discovery is the largest nature-specialized travel agency in China, and its annual list of winners is meant to be a powerful promotional tool to provide enthusiasts with effective information to explore nature-oriented destinations.

The list is also intended to satisfy Chinese travelers' needs, promote the endless delightful experience of trips in natural settings, as well as the many and varied options they offer.

According to PromPeru, birdwatching tourists spend —in average— about US$2,958 and stay 17 nights in the Inca country.


Published: 11/26/2018
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