Peru, U.S. to further combat illegal logging

Perú fortalece coordinación con EEUU para combatir el tráfico ilícito de madera. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

17:01 | Lima, Jun. 24.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) reaffirmed Peru’S commitment to ensure its coordination with the U.S. government and, therefore, combat illegal logging and related activities.

Announcement was made by Cesar Fourment, High Commissioner for the Fight Against Illegal Logging, after opening the Peru-US-Brazil International Workshop on Environmental Crimes, where the last administration has shown firm determination to fight a merciless war against organized crime.

Proof of that is the grant of powers to issue legislation on public safety –including the illegal logging problem– which supports the Executive’s policy on environmental matters. 

“Illegal logging poses a problem to national security; it is a threat that endangers social peace, integral security and the general welfare of Peru; which is why it is necessary to adopt a mutisectoral approach to face it bluntly,” he underlined.

In his capacity as President of the Permanent Multisectoral Commission on Fight against Illegal Logging, Fourment reiterated the Executive has shown signs of commitment towards the eradication of illegal logging, which along with migratory agriculture, agribusiness, cattle industry, urban development, floods, droughts and plagues, is seen as a direct cause of deforestation.  

“This mission’s success will be achieved by developing an adequate articulation of environmental sector entities in coordination with society,” the PCM representative pointed out.

Fourment thanked the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the US Department of Justice for promoting a meeting of environmental specialists as part of the technical assistance provided to Brazil, Colombia and Peru government to enhance the monitoring of illegal logging.

Also at the opening ceremony were Lawrence Gumbiner, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Lima; Rocky Piaggione, Senior Counsel of the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section and; Gustavo Romero, Chief Intendant of Customs Control at Peru’s National Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat).

The activity brings together specialist from the PCM, the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor), the Supervisory Body of Forests and Wildlife Resources (Osinfor), among others.

It will run until June 25 and address topics such as environmental legislation, current situation of illegal logging in participating countries, investigation of crimes linked to illegal logging, analysis of cases, among other aspects.


Published: 6/24/2015
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