Peru: Tourism sector recovery to begin with domestic market

09:53 | Lima, Apr. 27.

Tourism and Foreign Trade Minister Edgar Vasquez has affirmed that the tourism sector's gradual recovery will begin with the domestic market through the implementation of biosafety protocols once the coronavirus pandemic is contained.

According to the government official, the South American country is in the containment stage of COVID-19 management, and once this situation is overcome, his ministry will start a reactivation program that will include a specialized component to relaunch the sector.

"Without a doubt, we are going to begin with the domestic market related activities, which will be the first to have some chances of recovery, until conditions in international markets allow us to resume inbound tourism," he said in statements to Canal N local channel.

Restart plan

The minister disclosed that the tourism sector is working on a plan to restart activities, which will be made available to receive contributions before its implementation.

He explained that tourism has different component sectors including national and international transport, entertainment centers, casinos, hotels, and restaurants, which will be the first activities to reopen.

Vasquez remarked that tourism losses worldwide —due to COVID-19— amount to US$400 billion as the globe faces an unprecedented situation, according to the World Tourism Organization.

In the case of Peru, he said, inbound tourism is expected to see a 65% fall. Only in March this year, the sector contracted nearly 70% and will drop by almost 100% in April. Moreover, he stated May and June will be difficult months.


Published: 4/27/2020
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