Peru to host U.S. SOUTHCOM's South America Defense Conference

UNITAS unites U.S., LatAm Armed Forces in Peru

08:00 | Lima, Aug. 10.

Peruvian capital Lima will host the United States Southern Command's (SOUTHCOM) 7th South America Defense Conference (SOUTHDEC 2017) taking place on August 22-24.

Representing the Inca country, Armed Forces Joint Command Chief Admiral Jose Luis Paredes will join representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, the U.S. and Uruguay to exchange views on defense and cooperation.

Participants will address the role of Armed Forces in facing global challenges ranging from transregional threats to cyber defense.
Discussions will also focus on Armed Forces' involvement and the international response from friend nations following devastating Coastal El Niño floods and landslides in the Jan-March 2017 period. 

SOUTHDEC is one of three regional security conferences sponsored by SOUTHCOM each year to provide forums for dialogue and exchanges among defense and security leaders from the Caribbean, Central America and South America. 


Published: 8/10/2017