Peru to boost its image as attractive, safe economy for investments

Aerial view of Lima. Photo: ANDINA

Aerial view of Lima. Photo: ANDINA

09:00 | Lima, Sep. 23.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez affirmed that Peru’s worldwide network of embassies and consulates will boost the image of the country as an emerging, safe and attractive economy for investments and business.

"All this work is intended to promote Peru also as a stable democracy, one with a high capacity to face the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in an increasingly complex regional and global scenario," he said.

The Cabinet member remarked that Peru's strength lies in being an attractive market with natural resources that are in high demand in the five continents. 

"In addition, it has an 'open to the world' policy that made trade and the attraction of foreign investment fundamental pillars for national development," he explained.

According to the minister, the macroeconomic strength of Peru in recent decades has allowed it to better cope with the pandemic and its impact.

"Although the gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to fall sharply this year, the economic reactivation —promoted by the Peruvian Government— will spur the economic growth rate to about 10% in 2021," he pointed out.

In that sense, Lopez indicated that the Peruvian economy has generated positive expectations for next year, thanks to the timely and effective introduction of an economic stimulus package worth around 17% of GDP.

"Likewise, our market has remained stable with a country risk score of 169 basis points, the lowest in Latin America and three times lower than the average in the region," Lopez affirmed. 


Published: 9/22/2020
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