Peru: Temporary residence regimen for ex-presidents made official

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

11:47 | Lima, Jul. 16.

The Peruvian Government has enacted Law 31280, a constitutional reform regulation that establishes the temporary residence regimen for ex-Presidents of the Republic.

Thus, once the five-year presidential term has come to an end, the ex-President of the Republic —or whoever has held that position— must remain within the national territory for a minimum period of one year —except for a departure authorization approved by Congress of the Republic.

According to the regulation, said approval must be granted by more than half of the legal number of its members, taking into account the objective reasons that motivated such request.

Moreover, the text states that the presidential term lasts five years, immediate reelection is not allowed, and that after at least one constitutional period has elapsed, "the former president can run again, subject to the same terms."

As is known, this reform was approved by 94 votes in favor during a Plenary Session of Congress on July 9.


Published: 7/16/2021
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