Peru strives to provide high-quality coffee

El presidente de la República, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, preside el lanzamiento de la II Feria Internacional de Cafés Especiales del Perú (FICAFE 2017), que busca mejorar la productividad, competitividad y gestión empresarial de los cafeteros del país. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

12:00 | Lima, Sep. 6.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said his Government is working to place Peruvian coffee in the high-quality category, so it can be internationally recognized for its unique features.

He urged small producers to get together in order to gain a stronger foothold on the market since the product is highly demanded around the globe.

"We will try to make Peru emerge as producer of high-quality specialty coffee," said the 78-year-old leader.

Additionally, the statesman emphasized the need for greater specialization and certification.

Remarks were made Wednesday at the launch of the 2nd International Fair of Special Coffees of Peru (FICAFE 2017), aimed at enhancing productivity, competitiveness and business management of coffee growers.

The event took place at the Government Palace's Tupac Amaru Hall in the capital city of Lima.

FICAFE 2017 seeks to spread the benefits of special coffees produced in Peruvian territory and increase its mass consumption at local, regional and national levels.

Promoted by Central Jungle Coffee Federation and Villa Rica Municipality, the fair is expected to receive over 15,000 people and garner more than US$$13 million in business deals.

The International Fair of Special Coffees of Peru is supported by the State-run agricultural bank (Agrobanco), as well as by Ministries of Agriculture, Production, Foreign Trade and Tourism.

The initiative is also endorsed by Pasco and Junin regional governments.

It must be noted FICAFE 2017 will be held in Villa Rica district (Pasco region) on September 14th-16th. 


Published: 9/6/2017
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