Peru receives Germany's €6 million contribution for forestry program

10:00 | Lima, May. 5.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance accepted the non-reimbursable financial contribution granted by the German Development Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau KfW), worth up to the sum of 6 million Euros, to partially finance the Promotion and Sustainable Management of the Forest Production in Peru investment program.

According to Ministerial Resolution No. 145-2021-EF/52, published in the official newspaper El Peruano on Wednesday, said contribution was approved for the aforementioned investment program that will be executed by the State-run National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor)

The regulation also authorizes the General Director of the Public Treasury Department to sign —on behalf of the ministry— the contract and other corresponding documents that allow the implementation of the non-reimbursable financial contribution.

This ministerial resolution will be published on the official website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (


Published: 5/5/2021
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