Peru: President Vizcarra's approval rating remains solid

10:30 | Lima, Dec. 26.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra's approval rating reached 61% in December, the latest Peruvian Studies Institute (IEP) poll has revealed.

The study also revealed that the Attorney General's Office is approved by 26% of Inca country's citizens, followed by Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva (20%), the Judicial Branch (18%), and Congress (7%). 

On the other hand, the Judiciary and Attorney General Office's disapproval ratings stand at 77% and 68%, respectively. 

Meanwhile, the average approval of the Public Ministry stands at 21%, followed by the Judicial Branch (15%), and the Legislative Branch (11%).

According to the IEP poll, 54% of respondents believe there is conflict between the Executive and Legislative Branches, 31% affirm there are tensions but progress is being made, and 6% think it is a cordial relationship. 

Technical details

Published by: La Republica Newspaper
Sample size: 1,184 respondents throughout 17 regions, 24 provinces, and 78 districts
Margin of error: +/- 2.8%
Level of confidence: 95%
Fieldwork period: December 7-12, 2018.


Published: 12/26/2018
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