Peru President requests to support new Youth Employment Law

Puno: Presidente Ollanta Humala inauguró nueve proyectos de inversión pública ejecutados por el programa “Trabaja Perú” en la provincia de Chucuito

16:18 | Lima, Dec. 22.

Peru’s President, Ollanta Humala, requested Peruvians to “give a chance” to youth by supporting the new Youth Employment Law, which enables youngsters to “get a job” with the corresponding labor benefits “for those who do not get a higher education.”

“What can we do with them? We have to create a program, a law, which prevents them from overexploitation by enterprises,” he expressed.

“Therefore we have created this law, and I ask you to provide this opportunity to youth. Let’s not take this opportunity away from them,” the President added.

In previous statements, Peruvian president Ollanta Humala assured it will not lead to exploitation of the working population.

He criticized politicians, who –in the past were part of the ruling party- and now oppose the legislation.

The regime will last for three years and will train youth in the work field. It includes social insurance benefits.

The new Youth Employment Law will enable to create new job positions for the youth in order to keep unemployment rate low, explained the Peruvian government.

The legislation demands enterprises to add young workers (aged: 18 - 24) to their payroll list and provide them a 15-day vacation period per year. 

Other benefits, such as compensation for length of service do not apply to such cases.

The call was made during the inauguration of the public investment projects for unskilled workforce in the Chucuito – Juli province located in the Southern Puno region.

Those were financed by the government-run program “Trabaja Peru” (Work, Peru).

The project execution, worth more than US$1 million, enabled to benefit 676 employees, confirmed the Government Palace.

“Trabaja Peru” seeks to create and promote quality employment for former unemployed or underemployed Peruvians living in poverty.

In 2015, the program will develop some 43 new co-financed infrastructure projects worth more than US$3.28 million.


Published: 12/22/2014
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