Peru President: Referendum must be held in December at the latest

12:07 | Lima, Aug. 10.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra stressed the referendum proposed by his administration must be held in December at the latest.

The popular consultation —announced by the Head of State during his annual address to the nation— will allow citizens to express their opinions about the re-election of lawmakers, the return to the bicameral parliamentary system, political parties' financing, as well as the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) reform

He went on to add that if the competent authorities work with dedication and prioritize the issue, the consultation could be held on October 7, the same day as the regional and municipal elections

"It's the authorities' responsibility to call the referendum in December at the latest, out of respect for the citizens (…)," he expressed. 

According to the Constitution, bills related to the issues —which will be addressed on the referendum— must be first approved by Parliament. 

"We are aware of this issue's urgency and, without any doubt, Congress will do its part," he assured reporters.

Remarks were made to the press after President Vizcarra submitted to Congress the bills previously approved by the Executive Branch


Published: 8/10/2018