Peru President: Referendum bets on a transparent, corruption-free country

15:06 | Lima, Dec. 6.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed the December 9 referendum must be Peruvians' bet on a comprehensive, transparent, and corruption-free country.

"A fight for transparency is a fight against corruption, against impunity," the Head of State expressed. 

Likewise, the top official pointed out transparency is a key subject for progress and development, since many studies have shown institutions' capacity and vulnerability to corruption affect stability and governance. 

"If dark places persist, then corruption's threat of expansion will increase. Therefore, public and private sectors must be partners in the crusade against corruption. We must be allies in the fight for transparency," the statesman added.

Furthermore, one of his administration's political axes is integrity and the fight against corruption. Said goal converges with the other four: institutional strengthening for governance; equitable, competitive, and sustainable economic growth; social development and population's well-being; and effective decentralization for development.

According to him, the foundation for success is to work transparently, an element linked to principles such as honesty. 

It should be noted President Vizcarra approved —a few days after starting his term— the 2018-2021 National Plan for Integrity and Fight against Corruption. Plus, the Public Integrity Secretary's Office was established.

He went on to add the fight against corruption should be carried out on a national and international level, since the scourge crosses borders and tries to evade control mechanisms. 

"I am convinced that transparency boosts honesty and integrity, supports preventing and fighting corruption, as well as promotes responsibility and efficacy in the public and private sectors. Particularly, it empowers citizens to assess their authorities and demand them to take responsibility," the top official concluded. 

Remarks were made during his closing speech at the 13th International Conference "The Role of the Private Sector in the Quest for Transparency" organized by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas in Lima.


Published: 12/6/2018
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