Peru President leads State Council session

14:44 | Lima, Jul. 9.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday led a State Council session aimed at taking joint actions and decisions to put an end to corruption acts that affect the country's institutions.

This meeting was convened by the Head of State during a press conference.

As is known, IDL-Reporteros —an investigative journalism site— on Sunday released audio recordings, which involve Callao Court President Walter Rios, as well as three National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members, and a Supreme Court judge in alleged acts of corruption.

Monday's gathering saw the participation of Judicial Branch Head Duberli Rodriguez, Congress Chairman Luis Galarreta, and Attorney General Pablo Sanchez.

Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva and Constitutional Court Head Ernesto Blume also attended said audience.

The meeting took place at Lima-based Government Palace.

Earlier today, President Vizcarra requested Congress to apply article 157 of the Constitution that stipulates CNM members can be removed from their posts for serious ground. Said petition will be addressed on Tuesday.


Published: 7/9/2018