Peru President: I am sure people will do their best to elect good Congress members

12:47 | Puno (Puno region), Nov. 15.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday affirmed he is sure citizens will undertake their best efforts while electing their future legislative representatives in the January 2020 parliamentary elections, adding he will work with those elected to achieve development in Peru.

Within this framework, the Head of State said he neither interferes in the electoral process, nor indicates Peruvians whom to vote for, since the people will be the ones in charge of deciding who will get their votes.

"I am sure that all citizens will put their effort to elect their representatives, thinking there will be a good participation of women, youth (…)," he expressed.

"The population is not confused; it always evaluates properly, we must wait for it to evaluate, we respect what the population decides. Those to be chosen by the population will be the ones we will work with in order to continue achieving progress and development in the whole country," he remarked.

Bolivia situation

The President also noted he respects the decisions made by Bolivia and expressed hopes for the situation in the neighboring country to stabilize soon, while respecting its Constitution.

The top official said Peru maintains with Bolivia —as with other peers— close relations, a characteristic of brother nations.

The statesman recalled that a Peru-Bolivia Binational Cabinet was held in the Peruvian port city of Ilo last June —an event that was attended by former President Evo Morales, who stepped down from the post on November 10.

"We respect Bolivia's decisions to normalize its situation. Just as we had a close, cordial relationship of friendship with Evo Morales, hopefully the situation in Bolivia will soon be normalized by complying with the laws of Bolivia, seeking to overcome this difficult moment and trying to banish violence," he stated.


Published: 11/15/2019
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