Peru President: Gov't to avoid project delays in election and post-election period

11:11 | Lima, Jul. 10.

The Government will join efforts with the Comptroller General's Office to prevent October's elections —as well as the change of local and regional administrations— from generating delays in the execution of works, President Martin Vizcarra pointed out Tuesday.

During the inauguration of the 8th GORE-Executive meeting, the Head of State noted there are some mechanisms to avoid these setbacks.

"We will hold elections in less than three months, and if we do not address this situation properly, it may cause problems during the implementation of ongoing projects (…)," the statesman pointed out.

Likewise, the Peruvian leader stated the power transition must be carried out in an orderly fashion and with an openness approach on the part of outgoing authorities, in favor of Peruvian citizens.

In order to ensure the continuity of works prioritized by current authorities, Mr. Vizcarra remarked it is fundamental for new authorities to get involved in this task.

Ideally —he commented— elected authorities should participate in the upcoming GORE-Executive meeting with current regional authorities.

"This is the only way to overcome problems of previous decades such as reducing poverty, as well as dealing with chronic child malnutrition and anemia. We notice figures are high; our priority is to work to improve social indicators in favor of everyone," the President highlighted.

Lastly, he asserted members of his administration travel all over the country to meet with local and regional authorities. Thus, the Government coordinates directly with them to address problems in their localities.


Published: 7/10/2018