Peru President: Government bets on integrity policy

11:13 | Lima, Dec. 2.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday affirmed that the Government is committed to an integrity policy which prioritizes prevention, promotes honesty and transparency, as well as puts the general interests ahead of individuals.

During the International Annual Conference for Integrity CAII 2019, he recalled that his administration has promoted measures —such as the National Policy and 2018-2021 Plan for Integrity and Fight against Corruption— which allow the country to open a new stage.

"We are living a crucial moment in the fight against corruption. Sectors involved in illicit acts aim to reverse the progress and return to zero. We cannot allow a reversal in this crusade (developed) throughout the country," the Head of State expressed.

In this regard, the top official saluted the efforts made by the Comptroller General's Office to develop new and increasingly innovative strategies in the fight against corruption.

"They have all the support of my government. The organization of this conference is a sign of the commitment to the cause," he stated.

What is needed, he noted, is the effective awareness by various political and business players about the damage caused by this scourge.

"We need a real and effective breakdown against corruption, to go from words to deeds with concrete and effective measures. The commitment goes beyond words," he said underlining that all Peruvians must be aware of the damages caused by corruption.

"I urge you to continue working together to enforce the mandate of the people and build a country free of corruption, which is honest, developed, and sustainable," the statesman stated.

"Corruption will not be eradicated as long as there are double standards (…)," he added.


Published: 12/2/2019
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